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We, Seoul Tour Taxi Inc.,are specializing transporting foreign
customers who are not familiar with Korean. We offer safest and most comfortable taxi service.



1. airport to hotel transportation
It is not easy for most of foreigners to travel while carrying luggage, so when you need transportation,
our English speaking drivers will help you to your destination safely.



2. Reservation
If you contact us by e-mail before your   Reservation
arrival date, we will wait for you at the gate with your name sign, so finding your cab will be quick and easy.



3.Business travel. 
We also offer transportation services outside of Seoul. Our service is more
efficient than most other forms of public transportation, so you can be sure that you will arrive at your destination on time.



4. City tour.
We also provide travel guides that can take you to Korea's greatest landmarks and attractions. There are two rate options, by the hour or by the meter. This flexibility gives our customers the opportunity to save some money. Please feel free to ask about our service rates.  We sincerely wish you a wonderful experience while you stay in Korea. Please contact us anytime if you plan to visit. 



5. Billing
Payment must be either "cash", "credit card" "T-Money".




Cell Phone : 010-2093-4709 


Thank you!!!

Korea Tourism, Korean tourism, business services, time charter, Custom Tours
English- Guide, will guide you safely

Seoul 89-5 dongbinggodong
Cell Phone: 010-2093-4709

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